Thank You AV News - Guns & Drones

Posted by David Frankel, Drone Lawyer // May 13th, 2017

Click Here To Watch Video Thanks AV News for a great interview on this important topic of guns & drones.  More...

Thank you AirVuz - Video about Drone Lawyers

Posted by David Frankel, Drone Lawyer // March 2nd, 2016

David Frankel, Drone LawyerThe landscape is still changing when it comes to FAA regulations and how US drone pilots are being affected. People are noticing worldwide. Watch this short video to learn more: More...

FAA Seeks Deputy Dawg - Serious Law Enforcement Silent on FAA Guidance Memo

Posted by David Frankel, Drone Lawyer // January 17th, 2015

David Frankel, Drone LawyerOn January 8, 2015, the FAA issued an undated Guidance ( to no one in particular entitled “Law Enforcement Guidance for Suspected Unauthorized UAS Operations.” When I saw this item in my Twitter feed I, like most experienced lawyers, laughed. “Hilarious, it’s like the people who wrote the Guidance don’t actuall More...