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David Frankel, Drone Lawyer

Hiring a Drone Lawyer – Some Tips on a Good Attorney-Client Relationship

January 17th, 2015

In my career I have counseled many clients in the selection of attorneys and law firms as well as assisted clients in litigation management and cost reviews. I have also taught ‘laypersons’ some tips on hiring a lawyer as part of various courses I have taught or lectured in.

If we are successful at DroneLawyer.com, you will have easily searched for and obtained the contact information of a variety of drone lawyers who might serve your personal and/or business needs. Perhaps, you have received a term sheet from an investor in your start-up Drone/UAS/UAV company and are looking for the … Read more

David Frankel, Drone Lawyer

To Ban or Not to Ban

December 29th, 2014

Drone Ban vs Drone Regulation

In Spring 2013, our pro bono attorney working group concluded its work on “Model Legislation: Drones,” the annotated version of which can be found at DronesAnnotated.pdf.   The working group was organized and facilitated by The Bill of Rights Defense Committee (known as BORDC).  BORDC focuses on promoting the Bill of Rights and activities that resist abusive domestic surveillance.  See this link.  As a result, the primary focus of the working group was to ban the domestic use of drones by assisting state, tribal and local governments in passing legislation to do so.

My … Read more